U2 Guitar Tutorials
"Totally amazing. I can't tell you how impressed I am. My son (10 years old) can't get enough of your videos and I can't thank you enough. In less than a week he's playing some of the basic elements of WOWY. That's less than a week of playing guitar period!"
- Joe (San Diego, CA)

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Hello U2 Fans!

I launched U2 Guitar Tutorials on the World Wide Web on January 1, 2010 after starting U2GuitarTutorials on YouTube in November 2008. This website is for fans dedicated to learning how to play U2 songs.

The idea behind U2 Guitar Tutorials started when I became frustrated with the lack of detailed video tutorials on the Web. I don't read music, but learn quickly from visual and audio queues. So I found other creative ways to learn the songs and decided that I would produce detailed tutorials of my favorite U2 songs.

U2 Guitar Tutorials is a leading source for learning how to play the Edge's riffs and hooks, and get his amazing tones. I'm not an accomplished musician and I don't claim to get every note and tone correct, but I hope my tutorials will make it easier for anyone to play U2 songs on guitar. After I learn each song, I record a cover and then a series of detailed tutorials. This is just a hobby and my goal is to share my knowledge with guitarists of all ages and skill levels.

In 2009 I was contacted by David Nia, a web developer and subscriber of U2GuitarTutorials on YouTube. David benefited from my tutorials and appreciated the time and resources I was dedicating to this hobby. He graciously offered to build this web site at no charge. A sincere thank you goes out to David for donating his time and expertise to this project.

Please join us on the U2 Guitar Tutorials forum. Many of the members are more experienced than me and are also willing to help. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking the "Subscribe" button to the left. If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, please post your question on the Google group (I read all posts).

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has offered to make a donation; however, I don't feel comfortable accepting money for my efforts and it wouldn't be appropriate for other reasons. I have to spend a lot of time learning the songs for myself anyway. The kind feedback I've received is more rewarding than any monetary compensation.

Thank you for your support. Now back to making tutorials.