U2 Guitar Tutorials


"Hello. I am a homeless Army vet, only 35. We have an acoustic guitar and one computer at the shelter here, and I can't thank you enough for posting these lessons. To be able to pick out the melodies of my favorite band means more to me than you know (no CD player or ipods). Thank you for being talented, and sharing. And thank you Edge."

thesporkandfoon - YouTube

"Totally amazing! I can't tell you how impressed I am. My son (10 years old) can't get enough of your videos and I can't thank you enough. In less than a week he's playing some of the basic elements of WOWY. That's less than a week of playing guitar period. Thanks!"

Joe - San Diego, CA

"I have found this site to be an invaluable resource in both learning the techniques of playing many U2 songs, and the setup of guitar tones.
Michael has saved me many many hours of work with the near-perfect tone setup. Many Thanks!"

David - Scottsdale, AZ

"Huge thanks for the tutorials! I've always been in love with the guitar and especially all the unique sounds that come from The Edge. I was 14 years old when I first heard New Year's Day on the radio - and it blew me away! Fast forward to age 30 - when I decided to pick up the guitar - first riff was the intro to Sunday.
I've been playing for 12 years now and have become somewhat proficient on the instrument. However, I'm not "musically trained" so transcribing, especially Edge's work, has always been a challenge. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into the tutorials. It's because of your hard work and generosity that I am now learning to play the very song that blew me away at age 14!"

Mark - Atlanta, GA

"Thank you for making such superb tutorials! I'm new to guitar and recently got the M13. I have been playing around with the settings you describe for the Axe-Fx to emulate on the M13. I really appreciate your recent video of the M13 for UTEOTW. You have taught me a lot! Many thanks!"

Charles - Rochester, MN

"I wanted you to know that i'm very grateful for your website. This night i watched all the parts of the "I'll go crazy" tutorial and I learned all the parts in a sec because of a great mentor. I'm not the toadying type but your efforts really helped me!"

Pieter - Holland

"Michael, the UTEOTW solo and the one from The Fly are probably my favorite ones and they played a big part in why I bought my first guitar 2-3 years ago. I never had guitar lessons before so I am making baby step progress learning U2 songs and I struggle very much in the process. But since your tutorials, its amazing how i get a little better everyday - it's motivating. I just want to thank you very very much for sharing your knowledge and taking all those hours to put it on video/YouTube. This is priceless... really."

Jean-Francois - Canada

"Michael, I would like to say that your site is fantastic. I'm sure everyone appreciates the work you have put in. Your honest and I can imagine the Edge would be proud..keep it up. I know you must have little time to do this with work, family etc., like us all mate."

Paul - Edinburgh, Scotland

"I just felt the need to say that it's been a lifelong dream for me (and thousands of other Joshua tree generation fans) to learn how to play this song [WOWY]. These days The Dream is being realized thanks to the amazing and ridiculously perfect way you make these tutorials. Thanks a million mate. Eternally obliged."


"I can't say enough about the good work Michael is doing on youtube. I have no desire to be the Edge, or play exactly like him, but we have to get inspiration from somewhere. As music technologies and sounds advance it is easy to let some of it go under the radar. It is great that we have people that are on top of things to throw us a rope every once in a while to help us catch up. Particularly us working stiffs. I have been meaning to post here for a while but just now getting here. I found Michael on another site and then followed him to Youtube. I consider him a great resource."

William - Chestnut / Hillsborough, NC

"Not only are you an excellent guitar player, you're an awesome teacher as well. You are extremely knowledgeable with respect to Edge's tones and playing. It's obvious you are putting a lot of time and effort into putting this channel together. I'm sure I speak for everyone, we're all very grateful! My guitar playing abilities have advanced a great dealÔªø thanks to your videos and your help!!!"

Tony - Toronto, CA

"Outstanding job with this tutorial as well as your others. I personally appreciate all of the time and effort that you have put into this. It helps old guys like me who love to play guitar but don't have a lot of time get up and running quickly. Anyway, many thanks!"

Randy - YouTube

"Thanks so much for your website and tutorials! I'm really enjoying learning these great U2 songs that I was having such a difficult time figuring out from poor tabs and listening to the mp3. Thanks a bunch for all your work! Its been amazing and helpful for me!"

Blake - Logan, Utah

"Thank you so much. I am just learning guitar and this is so incredibly helpful and gives me hope."

BryanGrimm - YouTube

"I am learning how to play this wonderful song and I found a lot of tabs of With or without you. But i have to tell you that your video tutorial is much better than all the tabs I could find on internet. This is the Best! You're a very good teacher. So, THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

darma2602 - YouTube

"I've been a subscriber for well over a year and I also subscribe to your Yahoo Group. I just wanted to thank you for the work you put into these tutorials. I know time is precious and you definitely put a lot of time and energy into what you do. My playing has definitely improved since watching your tutorials. Thanks!"

BPresnal - YouTube

"I must thank you for all your work so far. This is an amazing tutorial site. I know when I need to learn a new U2 song, this is my first port of call. Thanks again for the tutorial of Until the End of the World. As I told you, I was playing it wrong for so long. It frustrated me every time I played it. I knew it was wrong, but couldn't work out how to fix it. As you are aware, I play in a U2 cover show and you certainly help my playing by your break down note by note. Keep up the amazing work! "

Dan - Australia

"Thank you for your outstanding video tutorials. There is nothing comparable on the Web. I'm a bloody beginner who is inspired by The Edge's playing. I'm really happy to get training from your tutorials. At the moment am I'm working on "Until the end of the world". Besides "ONE," this is my favorite song of U2. I assume that you also have been infected by The Edge's music. There is something in Edge's playing one can't define, but it has an enormous effect in my opinion. Some may argue that other guitar players have more technical skills, but they don't touch you like Edges playing does. Keep up your great work - there should be more idealists like you!"

Stefan - Munich, Germany

"I've been using your tutorials for sometime now, and I just needed to send you a personal message to say thank you! You have helped me immensely as a guitarist. I was kind of in that intermediate slump, and after finding your tutorials, I was inspired and my learning has accelerated. I just recently received my Axe-Fx Ultra, the MFC-101 and a pair of Atomic Active Wedges. Fun times in my household. Thanks again Michael!"

Jason - Ottawa, Canada

"Wow! Thanks a lot for the tutorials! It's like having a private tutor... a tutor that is willing to teach me my favorite songs, any time, any place, and free of charge! I'm really impressed by your patience and willingness ... and, most importantly your guitar skills! Thanks a lot Michael!"

asperanski - YouTube

"The greatest thing about you, Michael, is that you teach us not just the basic notes to play, but also the right rhythm, the right emphasis and everything else that is needed to make the song sound right. If there were only more guitar teachers like you!"

U2ThankYou - YouTube

"Awesome, awesome site. Been playing guitar for two years (35 years old) and just recently started at some U2 songs (as they're the reason I picked up a guitar in the first place). I don't read music, and the tabs out there for u2 are generally weak. So your site is an Oasis! I'm going through your UTEOTW tutorial... it's great!"

Andy - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Your dedication and assistance to others is very inspirational. Thank you for this forum and all of the work you put into your tutorials."

Jeff - Alva, Oklahoma

"Thank you very much for your videos. They have helped me to progress immensely in terms of sound and technique. Thank you very much."

22Achtungbaby (YouTube) - Madrid, Spain

"Your [Beautiful Day] tutorial is absolutely amazing. I have been trying to figure out the Edge since 87 - 88... You made his parts simple for me to learn... I was jamming this right away in 10 seconds...Wow! Thank you so much!"

RobertGuitarDJ - YouTube

"I'm Scottish but living in NYC these days. I do blame Michael too for getting me and my bank account involved in this hobby! ;) I'd been a bass player, playing original material, hung up my bass and serious music playing about 15 years ago. Came to NYC, thought I'd buy myself a Strat for sh*ts 'n giggles - then came across Michael's video tutorial for Beautiful Day...then oops...before I knew it I had seven guitars and an embarrassing collection of effects units. I wouldn't trade this hobby for the car I could have owned...we've got a subway after all. ;) Seriously, thanks Michael."

Ewen - New York, New York

"Hi there! This site is amazing. You play like Edge very well :). I'm a big fan of U2, especially Edge, because he was the one who inspired me to pick up the guitar quite a few years back; so its great to watch you play and pick up a few tips. Keep it up and take care."

Chris - YouTube

"Well done with these videos! Thanks for taking the time to share this with us. Your tutorials just go to show the complexity of what Edge is doing and counter the arguments that all one needs to play U2 songs is a delay pedal and no skill. Thanks!"

Sourcefourme - YouTube

"I just started playing the guitar three years ago and all i want to do is learn to play U2 tunes. I have been looking for someone like you to show us/me the ropes for, well... for years!! Thanks (and hope sometime you can show us easier versions to play on our acoustic guitars). This is awesome dude!"

ro7477 - YouTube

"Just a quick thank you note for all the great work you've been doing on U2 Guitar Tutorials for the past few years - it's of unusually high quality and it's given a lot of people around the world an enormous amount of joy, including me. Keep up the good work and the passion!"

Piotr - Cambridge, England

"Man, this is taking anal retentive to heights I have only dreamed about. Don't get me wrong I dig it, but its pretty overwhelming. I am grateful that there is someone like you that is willing to invest the time in this for those of us that want to pretend if only for a couple of minutes. Edge is one of the most underrated guitar players ever in my humble opinion."

pplacey - YouTube

"Hey Michael, a lot of us are indebted to you and your tutorials. Much appreciated by all; keep up the great work. You not only help U2 influenced guys, but other guitarists who struggle with time-based effects. Superb!"

bufon63 - YouTube

"I just would like to say Thank You. Your work is great! I`m s U2 Fan and started to play guitar to play U2 Songs, and your Site is a "Harbour in the Tempest". I`m always learning a lot with your hard work, learning about settings, gear, chords, and much more. And through the Internet we can see much more than a lesson, we can see your passion, and I`m very grateful for your initiative."

Rodrigo - Brazil

"Michael, your tutorials really are the best I've found on Youtube. Not only compared to other U2 tutorials, but guitar lessons in general. Few bother including the detail you do. Massive thanks for the time you put in, and looking forward to your next uploads!"

Chris - Hampshire, UK

"The best guitar lessons I'ver ever seen. Thank you so much and greetings to my favorite city, New York."

Kristoffer - Hamburg, Germany

"Just a quick message to say thanks for all your time and efforts into producing these vids. As a U2 fan for the past 30 years and fairly new to guitar, its good to start to try and play the Edge's tunes. Your lessons are the most accurate I've found and I'm sure the man himself would be proud of you too. Cheers and thanks again."

jamesdebs21170 - YouTube

"I want to thank for your great web page. I am 40 years old and I decided to learn to play guitar; maybe late, but that is just the way it is. I'm very happy to find tutorials as clear as the ones you have created. I just started with I still haven't found. I think I'll accomplish my target of performing this first U2 song."

Osvaldo - Chile

"I had the opportunity to show some of your tutorial vids to some younger guitar players. To say these were helpful is a understatement. Thank you AGAIN for the time and effort."

BH4462Z - YouTube

"I just started guitar about three months ago. You were one of my inspirations. I am a HUGE fan of U2, and your tutorials have made it so much easier to learn their amazing songs. I have only a delay pedal and a simple practice amp, but I have learned UTEOTW, ISHFWILF, WTSHNN, Pride, With or Without You, and now I am trying to learn Vertigo. Your tutorials are a tremendous help. Your website and channel are like diamonds in the rough. Thank You!"

David - YouTube

"Just a quick note to tell you the U2 site is OUTSTANDING! Im learning so much from this. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm 39, and have been wanting to learn some of these songs properly since I was 17! Thanks mate!"


"Hello there! I would like to thank you for the detailed U2 tutorials you post. You have the best site i have ever come across. Your tutorials are perfect. I cannot thank you enough."

John - UK

"I wouldn't know what to do without your great explanations and covers, as i'm quite a beginner in playing guitar."

SuperCharlie183 - Youtube

"This is awesome! I too think Edge is one of the most underrated guitarists of all time. His ability to write such effective music so simply is brilliant. How he hears this stuff in his head amazes me. Thanks for "unpacking" this so we can all have fun with recreating the genius."

hammo25x - Youtube

"Great stuff dude! The most helpful tutorials I have ever seen. As a U2 fan O have often wondered how the edge gets the riffs on his guitar; well now i know buddy. You have a great attitude and it clearly shows on the videos! Thankyou for sharing them with us."

Oldwilsful - Youtube

"You have got me back into U2 again big time. Just purchased a Line 6 M13 from the States. Your tutorials are great; helping me with my guitar playing to. Keep up the good work."

Shane - Australia

"As a big fan of the band [U2] I can say you really make justice to the songs! You play very well and also you've taken your time for doing all these tutorials. That's impressive! All the effort in explaining every detail and providing us the best shot possible to play these songs. Really really thank you!"

bauer3ks - YouTube (Mexico)

"Your U2 lessons are the greatest on the whole internet. I have learned so much from you. You are great at the guitar and a good and patience teacher! Thx and cheers for you my friend!"

MrJudgeSauter - YouTube (Germany)

"Can I just say thanks! Your tutorials are fantastic. Thanks for the great explanations, great video work and superb audio. These are some of the best videos on youtube. I have become better at the guitar overnight because of your lessons. I have also gained a greater respect for The Edge; the man is a genius. Props to you for figuring out how The Edge makes his magic. Thanks for the many hours you have put into these lessons!"

jluv7777 - YouTube

"I just wanted to tell you that your work with your tutorials is simply fantastic and impeccable. I´m an active professional musician. I work for The Hard Rock Café -- Colombia - South America with my cover band and thanks to your tutorials I've improved so much my sound on all the U2 covers we play. So, thanks to YouTube for letting everybody know such a talented musician and, I guess a sound engineer as well, like you. Keep up the amazing work with your tutorial channel, and thanks a lot."

bluesfer - YouTube (Columbia, South America)

"I have only just stumbled on your site by accident being only a part time guitar player and massive U2 fan for 30 years. This has opened my eyes to The Edge's sound and has focused me on learning one song atÔªø a time. Already in one week have learned all the parts of Bad."

bonolee07 - YouTube (UK)

"Michael, you are amazing! In a "what's in it for me" world, you're one of the very few that shares your time and talent without asking for anything in return. Cheers to that my friend - a genuine and sincere Thank You for your time & effort. Keep up the great work."

AndrewForoutani - YouTube (Canada)

"I've been working on this song forever, but never quite got it. My rhythm playing always seemed to interfere with the dotted 8th note delay. Your tutorial is the closest to the real thing I've ever heard or seen. Thank you very much!"

frankie28web - YouTube

"Please don't EVER stop making these tutorials. I don't see anyone doing anywhere close to this great of a job! Thank you!"

LifeAmongTheDeadBand - YouTube

"Your lessons are awesome! It's evident you really like to put it all out there. Most people give 5 to 12 minute lessons. Not you. Half hour lessons? Dude, thanks for all the subtle nuances. Great playing. Keep brining the great content!"

circa33 - YouTube

"Thanks for all of your hard work! These tutorials are truly a treasured find for me. I've loved U2 and Edge's tone since I was in my teens. Twenty plus years later I get the guitar bug and of course this is what I want to play. To say the you've saved me innumerable hours in learning the tone and technique behind the songs would be an understatement. Wishing you all the best!"

1moreride - YouTube

"This channel has been an oasis in the desert for me. Truly an amazing source for people trying to learn U2 songs or learning guitar in general. Your videos inspired me to pick up the guitar and learn for myself. Been playing for almost a year now. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to make these amazing videos."

David ("TheOnlyPacerFan") - YouTube

"You are such a talented teacher and so giving with your time. Anyone who loves The Edge is here watching."

ExhaustingPassion - YouTube

"I discovered your web site a few months ago. Since then I have renewed a strong relationship with an old friend: my guitar. I have so much fun playing U2 songs that I decided to order an Axe-Fx II! You're tutorials are the best. You are amazing. Not only for your ability to play guitar and your ability to teach, but also for taking the time to share your knowledge with others. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Sashman077 - YouTube

"Michael, your videos are awesome. I just picked up a new Les Paul Custom (Black with Silver) yesterday and this was the first song that I had to play. The guitar is amazing. Your video on the arpeggios was exactly what I needed so thank you."

placey - YouTube

"I'm just starting to learn guitar, and although I'm a long way off from playing like you, I have to say it's totally motivating to go through and watch your tutorials. Thanks for breaking them down and posting them! Keep rocking'!"

jtdockter - YouTube

"Thanks for these great tutorials! I'm back to guitar thanks to you and U2!"

Lifchika - YouTube

"Just a short note to say "Thank you" for undoubtedly (your) many hours to date on putting together your U2 instructional videos...very impressive! I have viewed many instructional video sites over the years and must say your time/talent/passion/teaching ability, etc., come shining through in each of your lessons. I suspect if The Edge ever needs a freshen-up he need look no further than your site! I myself have benefitted from several of your lessons and although my gear (which matches my age of half a century) sounds quite incredible on its own, I ponder investment of an Axe-Fx II. (I'll continue to evaluate). Keep up the great work...and always remember, for those who might criticize, ask for further clarification, etc., there are equally as many who are benefitting silently and you're making a huge difference to young and old....especially young, who might not have the wherewithal to pay for an instructional site. For all those youngsters, and old Classic rocker's like myself, Thank You!"


"First of all, I'm french and I'm 16 years old... I hope you will understand what I want to say. Just a message to thank you for your job on the U2 guitar tutorials. I love this band, and it's a real pleasure to play REALLY like The Edge, thanks to you. I hope you will continue your videos."

MsJumpGate - YouTube (France)

"Thank you Michael for all your quality videos mate. Unsurprisingly there are a lot more U2 songs in my bands set list since you came on the scene. Your number one, second to none in tutorials!"

stublinski76 - YouTube

"Just finished your tutorial on UTEOTW and now I can play the whole thing!! Looked forever for an accurate tab and none of them were actually like the real thing, so I now have an accurate depiction of how to play the song the legit way."

TheAlbinoPlatypus - YouTube

"I just want to say a massive thank you for your hours figuring out the song parts for the tutorial videos. Having played the songs in my own lazy living room way for the last 24 years, I've now got to play them properly as I'll be joining a working tribute band. I've got about twelve weeks to learn something like sixteen new songs, and your tutorials have saved me literally hundreds of hours."


"Your tutorials are the best on the web! Thank you for posting the lessons, you rock! Keep up the good work."

Vertigo121982 - YouTube

"Just want to say that your vids have been an inspiration. I`ve learned a lot of little tricks that I was missing over the years, so thanks and keep posting. All the best to you."

doncorlestone (Steve) - YouTube

"I've learned so much from your website (for free) that I don't know how to really express my gratitude except by thanking you!"

u2adrian1000 - YouTube

"This is my favorite channel on YouTube. Thanks for taking the time and effort to teach the rest of us. I hope to be as good as you playing U2 someday. Really appreciate your effort."

TimU2Cool - YouTube

"I can't find much other guitarists who can play so close to The Edge. And your tone is done unlike many guitarist where they chase after every single piece of guitar and gear that The Edge uses. Well Done Man."

viperman375 - YouTube

"I've been watching your videos since I discovered them on YouTube which is probably two years ago. You've probably heard it a lot, but thank you so much for all the effort and time you put into all of this. I can now play a lot of U2's songs which is something I've always wanted to do, as The Edge is one of my all time top five favorite guitarists. Besides that, I've learned a lot from you when playing with delays and effects in general! I make a point of it to practice at least two of their songs everyday."

Robb - South Africa

"Thank you so much for doing these tutorials! I love U2 and playing guitar and you are making their best songs easy and fun to learn! Sometimes the best part of my day isÔªø seeing that you have posted a new tutorial! Please keep up the great work!"

Josh Hudson - United States

"Thank you for helping the global community learning songs from such a band like U2. It is very impressive how you get to knowÔªø every single note of every song. Thank you!"

Luis Galiano - Spain

"Hello, I am legally deaf and a very big fan of U2. I have a hard time hearing high pitch sounds and hear low tunes better. Whenever I watch U2 on YouTube I have a really hard time hearing the Edge and hear mostly the bass by Adam Clayton. Watching you in the first five minutes helps me to hear and understand The Edge playing the intro to the song, One. Yes, I actually went back and watch a live concert from Chicago 2005 on YouTube and watchedÔªø very carefully the hand movements of the Edge. Thanks!"

Keithphotorama - YouTube

"I admit that when I first found your tutorials I couldn't wait for you to hurry up get to the "where doÔªø I put my fingers" part. I was an idiot. I'm totally sold on your in depth instructions. I understand my guitar, my amp, and especially my effects processor so much better now. Your passion for these songs is evident too. A great service to us who want to learn, and to U2. Anyone who takes on the Edge and U2, better know their stuff, and you do Michael. Great Job!"

thearty001 - YouTube

"I just discovered your youtube channel and also took a look on your website. This is by far the best channel on youtube in case of reproducing U2 guitar sounds. Very well explanation too! I immediately subscribed your channel. I'm always messing with delay settings (to me it's the hardest FX to use well) and you gave me great tips. Very nice tutorials my friend!"

Theo Buitendijk - Nehterlands

"Thanks man! Your tutorials are great! Watched all the Vertigo tutorial parts and practiced a lot. I am playing along with the studio version and I've a quite simple set up (e.g. no Axe-fx) but thanks to your detailedÔªø tutorials my sound and chords/notes are pretty/very close to the original."

hbrugts (YouTube) - Nehterlands

"I am very grateful for the time you spend on these. One is my favorite song and your tutorial is simply perfect."

Per Jansson (YouTube) - Sweden

"Very well done, Michael. Through your hard and tedious work, I've learned a couple U2 songs. The Edge is the reason I picked up a guitar but YOU are the reason so many beautiful sounds are coming out of my amp. Thank you!!"

Chad Ryan (YouTube) - Afghanistan

"I just learned this song using your vid. I would have never been able to it on my own. Thank you so much Michael, please keep up the fantastic work."

Chris Sweeney (YouTube) - Canada

"If you want to learn U2 songs, do NOT watch this channel. Clearly, the author of this channel is lazy and has no idea what he's doing. ;-) I've watched everyÔªø one of his videos and I'm horribly addicted to this channel! THANK YOU for your work. Best friggen Edge interpretations on the Internet!"

U2norton (YouTube) - U.S.

"As a recent subscriber, first let me thank you for your tutorials. They are as often clear and detailed in ways that even the best paid for lessons can't come close too. Your commitment and passion to the music is above and beyond the call of duty."

rockinhorse (YouTube) - U.S.

"Thanks a lot for your videos, hard work to tune really good tones and to share it! It helps me a lot and saves precious time when I have to do covers with my band. You have good ears, nice guitars... and a big heart. Thanks again."

Pierre (YouTube) - France

"Thanks so much for all these tutorials. Its so good to beÔªø able to review all the little touches that you manage to catch."

mohosapedapetalon (YouTube) - Ireland

"Michael - Once again, sincere thanks for posting all U2 vids, particually this song [One]! This song has special meaning to me, and I have wanted to play it for so long. It amazes me how much time you must spend creating these awesome and very accurate tutorials and all for FREE, which is a wicked bonus for all of us. Next time I am in the USA, I will shout you a Bud or two. Looking forwardÔªø to learning that simple but amazing solo in this song. Thanks so much, from an Australian fan!"

U266 (YouTube) - Australia

"How can I THANK YOU enough? You have rekindled my love of guitar. Your tutorials have got to be the most comprehensive breakdown of playing that I have seen or heard - clear and so easy to understand. Just wish I had some of your gear. Many many thanks for taking the time and effort to share your gift (bothÔªø playing and teaching). Just wish I could have found a top quality tutor like yourself sooner to help me unravel the mysteries of U2. I'm 44 years old and trying to play for 10 years now. Suddenly it's all coming together all because of you. From the bottom of my heart...Thank you so much!"

Patrick White - Ireland

"Excellent tutorials! Love playing Until the End of the World. I never thought i could do it! Thanks for posting.Ôªø Your method of teaching is so detailed and amazing."

hashrogers (YouTube) - Pakistan

"Your tutorial are excellent! I really dig the detail. I can't wait for the acoustic version of Stuck since I'm in acoustic mode these days. Can'tÔªø wait to check out more of your stuff. Really appreciate it!"

Paul Roberts (YouTube) - U.S.

"I'm so glad finally! Keep up the good work. My 14 year old son is playing every day I'm very happy about that, thanks."

Jeffrey Koelewijn (YouTube) - Netherlands

"Excellent job as always. The only thing you don't mention is what socks The Edge is wearing during each performance. My only complaint has nothing to do with you and your tutorial. Imagine being able to play guitar at least as well as you do and then losing most of your ability to play. That's happened to me after having a stroke in 2002. I still can sort of play, but getting my left hand to do anything quickly is now impossible and no Barre chords. You inspire me to keep trying."

JLeonard32 (YouTube) - U.S.

"You re the best Michael. Seriously, you go ABOVE and BEYOND in every tutorial. The U2/Fractal community is lucky to have you. Thank you for your efforts. They reach a lot of people and we are better players because of you."

Jason Matte (YouTube) - Canada

"Michael's tutorials are pure gold for whomever likes U2 and wants to learn to play their songs."

ZooStationU2TB (YouTube) - U2 Tribute Band

"Hello. I'm a U2 fan and a beginner guitar player and I love your tutorials. You put everything in detail without rush. I really appreciate the time and effort that you put into passing on your knowledge and helping other people. Very generous on your part. Please, keep posting new tutorials. Thanks and greetings from Brazil."

Ricardo Socio (YouTube) - Brazil

"I've written you before Michael, but it just needs to be said again: Thank you so much for the level of effort you put into these "Master Class Tutorials". There is no better teacher anywhere that I have come across. You personally have elevated my playing to an entirely new level and I just want you to know how much I appreciate your efforts. Thank you, Thank you. Thank you."

Jason Matte (YouTube) - Canada