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Van Diemen's Land

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Part 1: Cover

Live cover of U2's "Van Diemen's Land." In April 2010 I noticed that Lukas' posted a cover of Running to Standstill. I thought the tone of his voice would be perfect for Van Diemen's Land and asked him if he would cover it with me. He graciously accepted, and we finally got around to producing it. All I can say is that Lukas is very talented. The tone is all Tech 21 Liverpool and Psionic Audio Triad with a touch of dotted 8th note delay and shimmer from the Axe-Fx Ultra. I don't play the exact notes that Edge plays, but it's close. Guitar: Fender Custom Shop 1960 Strat with Kinman Woodstock pickups.

Part 2

This tutorial covers my guitar tone and effect settings.

Part 3

This tutorial covers the basic chords and the chord progression in the verses.

Part 4

This tutorial covers the picking order of the notes in the previously described chords.

Part 5

This tutorial is a continuation of Part 4 and covers the picking order of the notes.

Part 6

This tutorial covers the end of the last verse.